23 febrero, 2018
18 enero, 2017
The European Project DemoShopInstantShoe pursues the development of a new personalized type of female footwear, based on shape-memory materials that improve comfort and prevent feet pathologies. Learn more.

Innovative system in shop: new customizable female footwear based on smart materials preventing some of the most common feet problems

The consortium of Demo ShopInstantShoe has developed a new adjustable female shoe based on a new memory shape composite of leather and Nitinol material. The new material allows fitting the shoe to the foot shape, after getting anthropometric measurements through the Shopintantshoe portable scanner and modifying it through the “Shoptool”, a machine that completes the process directly into the shop. The new InstantShop tool is compact, lightweight and attractive, and it is easily set up in the shop for the instant-personalization. InstantShoe is made up of the shaping system, an original designed machine with three different lasts to cover all the size range, the intuitive configuration software and the foot scanner DOME, developed by IBV..